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Professional Wide Toe Box & Zero Drop Shoes

Tomás Sullivent

Step into style without sacrificing comfort in one-of-a-kind footwear by Tomás Sullivent. Our meticulously crafted line of professional Wide Toe Box & Zero Drop shoes seamlessly combines sophistication with the unparalleled comfort of a design that is shaped like your bare foot. With Tomás Sullivent, you don’t have to choose between style and wellness – you can have both.


The Mutiny




Tomás Sullivent

The Mutiny - Wide Toe Box Zero Drop Professional Dress Shoe by Tomás Sullivent

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Introducing a Brand New Category of Footwear

A brand new category of footwear? Absolutely. We can proudly say there is nothing like what we offer, and that’s no salesmanship. Our shoe, combined with other brands that make up the minimalist and barefoot niche, are moving people towards more comfortable footwear.

Everyone is tired of shoes that hurt.

Finally, a Wide Toe Box and Zero Drop Men’s Dress Shoe. Made with the most thought, best lasts, highest quality materials, and by the most experienced shoe makers. It can only be Tomás Sullivent.

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Look Good.
Feel Better.

Each step taken in Tomás Sullivent Footwear is a testament to our commitment to your well-being, ensuring you stride confidently through your everyday endeavors without compromise.

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“Sometimes the clothes do not make the man...”

George Michael

From George’s “Freedom” Album

“...sometimes it’s the shoes”

Tomás Sullivent

Wide Toe Box

Our Wide Toe Box shoes provide freedom and comfort to your toes.

Zero Drop

Our Zero Drop footwear design helps you maintain a more natural posture.


Our Collections

Tomás Sullivent

Men's Collection

Shop the Men’s Collection at Tomás Sullivent and discover timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort of Wide Toe Box Zero Drop dress shoes.

Tomás Sullivent

Women's Collection

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for the Women’s Collection of Wide Toe Box Zero Drop dress shoes by Tomás Sullivent. 

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