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One Step at a Time

The Story Behind Tomás Sullivent

Our brand emerged from a recognition of a missing link in the footwear industry—shoes that seamlessly combine Wide Toe Boxes and Zero Drop with the sophistication of formal leather footwear. Traditional dress shoes often sacrifice foot comfort for aesthetic appeal, perpetuating a narrow, constricting design that disregards the natural shape of the foot. 

Tomás Sullivent challenges this status quo with our inaugural shoe, aptly named “The Mutiny,” signaling a rebellion against the established norms of the dress shoe market. 

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“You don’t need another dress shoe. You need a better dress shoe.”

- Tomás Sullivent,
We Do Things Differently

A New Category of Footwear

The future and evolution of men’s dress shoes is here! There is nothing else like Tomás Sullivent footwear.

Regular men’s dress shoes? Please!

Our footwear delivers the unbeatable combination of a Wide Toe Box and Zero Drop design so you can enjoy comfort and style in one sleek package.

Try our dress shoes, and we know you will agree. We believe footwear by Tomás Sullivent won’t just be your favorite men’s dress shoes; we think you will eventually throw all your other men’s dress shoes away.

The Power Of Design

What makes our Footwear different from other brands?

We operate within the Wide Tox Box and Zero Drop niche and see Tomás Sullivent as the missing link. A knock-out punch to traditional, canoe-shaped shoes. Why are Men’s Dress Shoes less common than in the past? Because people have found other shoes that are so comfortable and make their feet feel so good they can’t stand “The Squeeze” any longer.  With Tomás Sullivent, you can have it all.

So what is the name of this New Footwear Category?

“Ultra-Classy Foot-Shaped Dress Shoes?”, “Men’s Dress and Stance?”, “Men’s Foot Build Dress?”, “Men’s Foot Shape Dress?” Let us know what you think.

Our shoes are made in a region of Spain that is famous for centuries of shoemaking. However, the Walden is built with a sole and upper that has never been used by our factory. We are thankful for a factory that is willing to try new things. Some may work and some may not, but we are pushing the limits to create a new category of footwear.

What is the thought behind our designs?

Tomás Sullivent stands on the principle that form follows function, echoing the architectural maxim coined by Louis Sullivan, often dubbed the “father of skyscrapers.” Just as Sullivan emphasized the importance of rational design in architecture, we believe the same applies to shoes—where the last, a mold simulating a foot, dictates the foundation of footwear construction. 

Unlike conventional shoe lasts that neglect the natural contours of the foot, our lasts emulate real foot anatomy, acknowledging the presence of the big toe and embracing asymmetry. This dedication to anatomical accuracy inspired the creation of Tomás Sullivent, bridging the gap in the market for shoes that prioritize both style and foot health.

While our prototypes have garnered praise for their innovative design, we recognize the importance of continued refinement and accessibility. Our commitment to foot health extends beyond design aesthetics—we prioritize functionality and comfort in every aspect of our footwear. With a distinct last design—Walk All Day Last—we cater to a diverse range of foot shapes and sizes, ensuring a personalized fit for every wearer.

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The power of Wide Toe Box & Zero Drop technology

Who can benefit from footwear by Tomás Sullivent?

Have you experienced foot pain and found relief with Wide Toe Box and Zero Drop shoes? Whether you’ve dealt with bunions, plantar fasciitis, or simply prioritize foot health, discovering the benefits of Tomás Sullivent footwear can be life-changing. Fortunately, healthier shoe options are more accessible than ever with Tomás Sullivent. We’re thrilled you’ve joined us on this journey toward happier, healthier feet.

So, for your little ones who love to splay, we’ve got you covered. We look forward to expanding our products with your continued support.

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Tomás Sullivent Footwear is Made In Spain

Despite the entrenched conventions of traditional shoe shapes, we collaborated with a manufacturer in Spain willing to embrace our unique shoe shape, construction methods, materials, and designs. We’re grateful for our partnership and anticipate introducing more styles, possibly new lasts, and years of fulfilling a much-needed niche in the market.

Learn More About Our Lasts

Currently, we have two lasts, but our current shoe selection is only on the smaller last. If our shoes prove too narrow for enough people, we will create a line based on the bigger last, or depending on feedback, may create a third last.

Learn More About Our Soles

We currently offer 4 soles.

1. Some people want a shoe as flexible as possible, so the Walden combines a thin, flexible rubber sole with deer skin uppers to create a lightweight, flexible, and soft shoe that looks great.

2. The Adrian has a traditional leather sole with a rubber insert in the forefoot, providing increased durability and flexibility compared to our traditional leather sole.

3. The Mutiny features a traditional leather sole with the flexibility of traditional men’s shoes. They require time to break in but become extremely comfortable with wear. The high-quality all-leather sole offers the most breathability of any of our soles and keeps you grounded.

4. The Urban Hiker is equipped with a hybrid leather and lug sole that provides traction and is our most durable, yet thin enough to allow easy foot flexion.

Your feedback will help us understand your thoughts on our soles, and we will make adjustments accordingly.

Learn More About Our Uppers

We utilize all-natural materials to ensure your feet remain cool and comfortable.

Learn More About Our Construction

Our shoes are constructed using a Blake Stitch, renowned for its flexibility, tapered waist, excellent support, lighter weight, contemporary aesthetic, and ease of resoling. Most shoe repair shops have the necessary machinery to perform the Blake Stitch. Additionally, we offer resoling and refurbishing services.

Learn More About Our Inserts

While most shoes feature our durable and breathable all-leather insole, the Walden model boasts a flexible insole that is lightweight, removable, washable, and replaceable.

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