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Shoe Shine

Look forward to our release of the Tomás Sullivent Shoe Care Kit. At Tomás Sullivent, our shoe shine is more than just a simple buff and polish. You can apply premium shoe creams or wax to revitalize and enhance the appearance of your footwear.

Whether you prefer the nourishing properties of shoe creams or the glossy finish of wax, we’ll cater to your preferences with precision and care. 

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Invest In Your Foot Health

What are the Benefits of a shoe that can be resoled and refurbished?

One common issue with modern shoes is their short lifespan and quick wear and tear. At Tomás Sullivent, we believe in sustainability and longevity. We craft shoes that maintain their quality and appearance for years to come. With proper care—using shoe trees to retain their shape, shoe bags for protection during storage or travel, and regular polishing and resoling when needed—our shoes can endure a lifetime of wear.

Revive your footwear

Resole, Refurbish, Repair

Our skilled resoling, refurbishing, and repair professionals will restore your shoes to near-new condition, offering the option to change the sole type if desired. Enjoy free shipping for added convenience.

Remember to keep your shoe box for shipping protection. 

More About Resole Services

Prices for our resoling services are as follows:

  • Full resole with standard leather, new heel, polish, and shine: $200
  • Half-sole in standard leather, new heel, polish, and shine: $130
  • Full resole with high-end German leather sole, new heel, polish, and shine: $220
  • Half-sole with high-end German leather sole, new heel, polish, and shine: $150
  • Low-profile rubber sole, new heel, polish, and shine: $200
  • Lug sole, new heel, polish, and shine: $275

Most leather-soled shoes typically only require a half resole.

Regardless of the original sole type, any of the above sole options can be used for resoling. Even if your Mutiny originally came with a traditional leather sole, you can opt for a Lug, low-profile rubber, or flex leather sole during resoling. If changing to a different sole type, a full resole is necessary.

More About Repair Services

For other repair needs, please contact customer support. We may request photos and a description of the issue to provide a price quote before ordering the service.


“Sometimes the clothes do not make the man...”

George Michael

From George’s “Freedom” Album

“...sometimes it’s the shoes”

Tomás Sullivent

Wide Toe Box

Our Wide Toe Box shoes provide freedom and comfort to your toes.

Zero Drop

Our Zero Drop footwear design helps you maintain a more natural posture.


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